• Consultation in drawing up rules of procedure and terms of tender
  • Defining suitability and acceptance criteria
  • Tender inspection and assessment


  • Assistance during project implementation for clients and/or contractors with the aim of avoiding conflict or optimising the position of one of the contracting parties
  • Support in documenting and writing the relevant correspondence
  • Consultation on general building developer duties
  • Preventive anti-claim management
  • Defining or analysing the rights and obligations of all parties involved in a project
  • Consultation on the preparation of accounts and and payment-related matters


  • Development of the suitable project organisation
  • Time and cost planning and, in connection with this, ongoing monitoring of compliance with the planned specifications
  • Cost monitoring and ongoing cost projections
  • Coordination and monitoring of all parties involved
  • Creating a suitable framework for information and documentation


  • Support in the drawing up or independent preparation of revised tenders and claims and their enforcement
  • Determination of costs incurred by obstructions or accelerated action, losses in productivity, idle capacity, etc.
  • Inspection of revised tenders and defence against unjustified claims
  • Inspection of and defence against sub-contractor claims
  • Assistance during negotiations


  • Act as a mediator, moderator, expert arbitrator or referee in the event of construction economics-related disputes
  • Preparation of expert reports and statements in all construction economics-related matters


Customised talks on and training in construction economics-related issues such as:

  • Claim/anti-claim management, based on Austrian standards B 2110/B 2118
  • Specific issues of Austrian standards B 2110, B 2111, B 2118, B 2061, (B 2117, ONR 22117)
  • Contract management based on FIDIC contracts
  • Service disruptions and payment adjustments in construction contracts
  • Obstructions and their consequences
  • Cost calculation and price formation as per Austrian standard B 2061
  • Action by building developers